Best Adventure Motorcycles: Top 10

Adventure motorcycles are becoming more and more popular all over the world at a fast rate. Younger people still like sportbikes and naked motorcycles, but there's no doubt that adventure motorcycles are the most useful.

European companies used to be the leaders in this market. But now we have a lot of tasty things to choose from. Let's look at some of the best adventure motorcycles you can buy right now:

1) BMW G310 GS


The BMW G 310 GS is the first adventure bike you can buy. It was first shown at the EICMA in 2016, but it didn't come out until last year. This bike is the result of a tech partnership between BMW and TVS.

It has a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 313 cc engine that makes 34PS of power and 28Nm of torque. The engine sends power to the back wheels through a 6-Speed gearbox.

If you want something serious, this might not be for you. But try this one if you want to see what adventure bikes are like. It's probably the best choice for people who are just starting out with adventure touring.

2) BMW F750 GS / F850 GS

BMW Motorrad just added the F 750 GS and F 850 GS to its line of mid-level adventure bikes. The BMW F750 GS is marketed as a road-focused motorcycle that can do everything. Even though the BMW F850 GS is a true off-roader (adventure bike).

Even though they look rugged and practical, both adventure motorcycles are very well equipped with technology. This has a 6.5-inch TFT display, Bluetooth connectivity, ABS, stability control, cruise control, and three riding modes (rain, road, standard). Want more? Then there are optional extras like Dynamic and Enduro riding modes and Dynamic Traction Control.

Both the F 750 GS and the F 850 GS have the same 853cc, inline-twin, water-cooled engine. The difference is in how each motorcycle's ECU has been tuned. At 7,500 rpm, the BMW F 750 GS makes 77 bhp of power. At 8,250 rpm, the same engine in the BMW F 850 GS makes 95 PS of power.

3) BMW S 1000 XR

This is a bit of an oddball on this list. Want a sport bike, a touring bike, and an adventure bike all in one. The BMW S 1000 XR is all you need. People often compare this to the Ducati Multistrada, but the people who own it say it's nothing like that.

The BMW S 1000 XR is more like a sport bike than a touring bike. All things considered, there is no other motorcycle like this one. It got its four-cylinder engine from the S1000RR superbike, but it plays a different tune. At 11,000 rpm, it has 165 PS of power and at 9,250 rpm, it has 114 Nm of torque.

The BMW S 1000 XR has two adjustable riding modes called "Rain" and "Road" that let you handle all that power on any surface. Along with how much power you get, riding modes also change how your ABS and stability control work.

4) BMW R1200 GS / GS Adventure

When you talk about adventure motorcycles, you can't leave out the BMW R1200 GS. After all, it is the most important thing in this group. Most people use this adventure motorcycle as a standard to compare all others.

The R1200 GS was made to do one thing: go on trips around the world. It has a stronger suspension, more protection, a big fuel tank, and a chassis that was made for that purpose.

For the engine, it has a flat-plane boxer engine with two cylinders. At 7750 rpm, this 1170cc engine makes 125 PS of power and 125 Nm of torque.

5) Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin

Are you scared of BMW R1200 GS? Then you should get a Honda Africa Twin. It's easy to ride because the seat is low, it's light, the power comes on smoothly, and you can get an automatic DCT gearbox if you want.

The name "Africa Twin" is legendary among people who go on adventure tours. That name came from the first XRV750 (1990-2003). Africa Twin's current version came out in 2017.

At 7,500 rpm, the new Honda Africa Twin's 999cc parallel twin engine puts out 90 PS of power, and at 6,000 rpm, it puts out 93.1 Nm of torque. For the transmission, you can choose between a 6-speed conventional transmission or a 6-speed Dual-Clutch automatic transmission. In India, the only way to get an Africa Twin is with an automatic transmission. That's both a reason why it can't do more and what makes it special.

6) Triumph Tiger 1200 Range

When it comes to adventure motorcycling, the Triumph Tiger 1200 is once again the best.

The Tiger 1200 line is split into two groups. The XC range is the favourite of adventure tourers. It has spoked wheels and more off-road features, such as handguards and off-road pegs. This comes in two trim levels: the XCX and the XCA, which is the best.

The XR range is better for the road. It has cast-aluminum wheels and comes in four trims: XR, which doesn't have TSAS semi-active suspension or other features, XRX, XRX LRH, a shorter version with a seat height that can be adjusted from 31.1 to 31.8 inches, and XRT, which is the top of the line.

If horsepower is important to you, the Tiger 1200 has the most horsepower of any shaft-driven bike. At 9,350 rpm, its inline-3 cylinder engine makes 141 PS of power and 122 Nm of torque.

Even though the Tiger 1200 is still pretty new, it has taken a lot of customers away from the BMW R 1200 GS.

7) Triumph Tiger 800

Thanks to bikes like the Tiger 800, mid-level adventure bikes are very popular right now. They offer a package that is cheaper and doesn't have as much to lose as the bigger one.

The Triumph Tiger 800 is also easier to use in different ways. It is just as comfortable on short trips around the city as it is on long trips to unusual places. It would be strange to ride Tiger 1200 to and from work. So that's what it is: an adventure bike with less serious features.

The Tiger 800 is powered by a 3-cylinder inline engine that is cooled by liquid and makes 95 PS at 9,500 rpm and 79 Nm of torque at 8,050 rpm. There are three kinds of Tiger 800: XR, Xrx, Xcx

8) KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

Engineers at KTM are the best at making enduro bikes that can actually win races. The 1290 Super Adventure R has all the technology that helped it win races.

This motorcycle was made for one thing and one thing only: to eat up some miles off-road.

The most exciting news right now is that a new version of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure will come out in 2020. In fact, the spy photos of the test mule have been published by more than one reporter.

The 1301cc V-Twin engine in the current model makes 160 PS of power and 140 Nm of torque.

9) Ducati Multistrada Enduro

Do you think the Ducati Multistrada 1200 is too mild? Don't worry, you can get a Ducati Multistrada Enduro. It's the most extreme adventure bike we have.

It gets a new 1260 cc Testastretta DVT 1262 engine with a fat torque curve and a better chassis that makes it easier to ride at low speeds or go off-road.

At 9,500 rpm, this engine has 160 PS of power and 128 Nm of torque.

It has a lot of safety features, like Traction Control, Cornering ABS, Riding Modes, Cornering Headlights, Wheelie Control, and Vehicle Hold Control.

But there is one rule: short riders can't use it because the seat height is between 840 and 800 mm.

10) Suzuki V-Storm 1000

The Suzuki V Storm 1000 doesn't have a lot of fans among adventure touring fans, but it can compete with the best of the best.

Japanese companies like to take parts from different models and put them together in new ways to make new ideas. But the V-Storm 1000 was built from the ground up to be great at "sport adventure riding."

It has a 1037cc V-Twin engine with liquid cooling that is tuned for low-end and mid-range torque. Suzuki wanted it to work well both on the road and on an off-road trail. This engine has 103 Nm of torque and 100 PS of power.

This was made possible by using a lightweight chassis made of aluminium, high-quality suspension parts, and advanced safety systems.

11) Yamaha Super Tenere ES

Yamaha was the last company to make an adventure bike. Only in 2010 did the Yamaha Super Tenere come to Europe and break BMW and KTM's monopoly.

Since then, a lot has changed with the 2019 Yamaha Super Tenere. This bike was known to be better in the dirt than heavy adventure bikes, and the new model stays true to that.

This bike has a 1199cc parallel-twin engine with a 270-degree crank that gives it a lot of torque. The engine itself is mounted low for the reduced centre of gravity. This shows up well while carving tight corners.


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