Bmw F 750 Gs F 850 India Price Booking

BMW Motorrad India is now taking orders for the new BMW F750 GS and BMW F850 GS adventure motorcycles. Both of these models come in Standard, Pro Low Suspension, and Pro trim levels.

BMW F 750 GS & F 850 GS Price

The price of these adventure bikes is not too high or too low. BMW F750 GS range starts at Rs 11.95 lakh and goes till Rs 13.40 lakh. The base model of the BMW F 850 GS costs Rs 12.95 lakh, while the Pro version costs Rs 14.40 lakh.

*Prices from the showroom

So, what do you think is better? F750 GS or F850 GS? Well, BMW is telling the difference between the two bikes by how they are used. The BMW F750 GS is more of a road-oriented motorcycle that can do anything. Even though the BMW F850 GS is being sold as a true off-roader (adventure bike). BMW released its first all-terrain vehicle (ADV), the G 310 GS, last month.

CBU, which stands for "completely built unit," is the way that these mid-level adventure bikes get to India. Both models can be reserved at BMW Motorrad stores all over India. (BMW Motorrad recently cut their prices)

Engine & Gearbox

Contrary to what you might think, both motorcycles are powered by the same 853cc, 2-cylinder engine. What makes them different is how they are tuned for each motorcycle. At 7,500 rpm, this motor in the BMW F 750 GS makes 77 bhp of power. At 8,250 rpm, the BMW F 850 GS engine makes 95 PS of power.

The engine is paired with a 6-speed gearbox with a constant mesh. It has an anti-hopping feature built into the clutch pack that reduces torque drag and keeps the clutch from locking up during aggressive downshifts. It's just what a slipper clutch looks like on a BMW. Rev-Matching on a Motorcycle: a safer way to shift down

Paint Options

The BMW F 750 GS comes in two colours: white with a red or black seat, and yellow with a black or grey seat.

BMW F 850 GS comes in many different colours and styles, like Racing Red paint with Black or Grey seats or Rallye style graphics with a light white paint job and Racing Red or Lupin Blue Metallic graphics.

Another thing that makes the F 850 stand out is that it can come with hand guards, gold wheels, radiator covers with GS logos on them, and either red or black seats.

F 850 GS also comes in a special version with a Pollux metallic matte paint job, hand protectors, fixed forked gold tubes, and a radiator cover with big GS tapes. You can get this special-edition trim with either black or grey seats.

Electronic Aids

Both of these bikes, like most modern Adventure bikes, are full of electronics. Both bikes have 6.5-inch digital TFT consoles that can connect to Bluetooth. It was on our list of the 11 best adventure bikes.

ABS, stability control, cruise control, and riding modes are some of the standard electronic safety aids (rain, road, standard). There are two more riding modes (Dynamic and Enduro) and Dynamic Traction Control that can be bought as extras.

Competition: The F 750 GS and F 850 GS will go up against bikes like the Honda Africa Twin, Triumph Tiger 800, and Ducati Multistrada 950.


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