Coming Soon Harley Davidson Roadster

The expected release date for the Harley-Davidson Roadster is November 2016.

Harley-Davidson, an iconic American motorcycle company, will soon bring their 2017 models to India. Along with the new lineup, the company plans to bring the new Roadster to the country, probably in November of this year. The Sportster Roadster was just released on the international market. It is a member of the Sportster family. The Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight was used as a model for this bike. When it comes out in India, the Roadster is likely to cost around Rs 10 lakh.

The Roadster's design is based on classic racing bikes from the 1950s and 1960s. Brad Richards, Director of Styling at Harley-Davidson, said, "Since it came out in 1957, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has shown that it can be changed all the time. The Roadster adds a new chapter to that story." He also said, "We've seen our customers use the Sportster in a lot of different ways." The Roadster is a mix of different styles, but the goal was to make a rider's motorcycle, a Sportster that is slim and powerful and connects the rider to the road.

The seat height of the Roadster is 785mm, which is lower than that of the Forty-Eight. The wheelbase of the Roadster is also shorter, which makes it easier to handle. Also, the handlebar is lowered to give the bike a drag-style "slammed" look. A blacked-out engine with a grey air cleaner, dual shorty exhaust with a chrome muffler, blacked-out headlight, "walnut" gas tank, bobber-style fender, and side-mount licence plate holder are some other unique features.

The fact that this is the first Harley-Davidson with upside-down front forks is an important feature of the bike. Harley-Davidson says that the new suspension on the Roadster is more comfortable than the suspension on the other Sportster bikes because it gives the bike more travel. The 1,200cc Evolution V-twin engine in the Harley-Davidson Roadster makes 103Nm of peak torque at 3,750rpm.


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